The Spark and the Flame?

Around the time when we decided to start a blog to share our reflections, we had both recently watched Fulton Sheen's "Love is a Garden" talk on Youtube. We both really liked his conclusion of the talk, this quote in particular. So when we wanted to choose a name for our blog, it was the obvious choice for us.

Here's the whole quote, which I played over and over in order to be able to transcribe (so excuse the punctuation):
 "There is something unseen in love, and that is the source of the love itself, which is God.... This is the invisible force that pulls them on. That's why they speak of 'our love,' something bigger and better than your love and mine-- it's not the sum of two-- something bigger than both of us, as they say. Certainly there are ecstasies. But if human flesh can give it, then whence does it come? And so may couples say, In this beautiful ecstasy of love, if the human heart can so thrill me, what must be the heart of God; if the spark is so bright, what must be the flame?" 
Fulton J. Sheen in "Love is a Garden"

And here's a link to the video of the talk on Youtube. It's in three parts:
  Love is a Garden