Friday, May 25, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday #2

Thank you Jennifer for hosting at Conversion Diary!

1. We are away this weekend, visiting my husband’s family. I just went to ask him whether he had anything he wanted to mention in this post, and found him kneeling with most of his arm behind a radiator. He looked pretty funny. He is helping his dad to clean the wall behind the radiator so that the wall can eventually be painted.

2. This morning my husband and his dad took a walk over to his old Catholic grade school (actually, they both went there). It closed a number of years ago, sadly, is now being demolished. The land was sold. My husband says, “I can see the future of Catholic education in [this city]. It is a Mormon Temple.” That’s who the Diocese sold the land to.

3. He and his dad were also working on fixing one of the front headlights of our car. Why do the lights keep going out? It still seems like the brake light being replaced was recent. Sigh. The light burned out, and the thing was filled with water for some reason. It looked pretty crazy when they took it off and showed me. Then they dried it out in the oven. Pretty funny to put a car part in the oven, I think.

4. The other day when we were on our evening walk through our neighborhood, we saw three deer! I think it is so cool to live in a neighborhood where we can sometimes spot random deer, either in someone’s yard, or a small wooded area. Unfortunately, we didn’t have our camera on us. We missed an awesome shot. We were in the street looking into the woodsy area, at this deer that had it’s head turned and was looking right back at us! And there were two others in the background. It was totally awesome.

5. This summer, we are doing a reading group with some Catholic friends of ours. We are reading The Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis. I have never read these before, but have seen the movies. I am interested in actually reading these books.  

6. My husband’s family has a metal fire pit in their back yard. Today we made a fire in it. It was pretty nice to look at. I enjoyed poking it and making sparks too. Yes, I was playing with fire. No, I never did as a child.

7. I was tempted to roast marshmallows.  A few of us did, but I don’t eat marshmallows because I’m a vegetarian, and I avoid gelatin. Marshmallow-roasting does tempt me to make an exception, though.

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