Friday, July 6, 2012

7 Quick takes Friday #3- 1st Anniversary edition

Thank you Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting. 

1. We spent the last week of June on vacation with my husband's family. We rented cottages at a lake. It was an enjoyable week. He and I went canoeing on the lake like 4 times! That was really fun. I had never been in a canoe before. I now want us to buy one. We even got up early to watch the sunrise over the lake on the last day. 

2. Unfortunately, the vacation did not really end pleasantly. On the morning of the last day (Saturday), my husband got bitten by a stranger's dog. It was not a bad bite; it is now almost completely healed (it will be a week tomorrow). It was an unpleasant and inconvenient experience, though. When we got home we went to the emergency room to have it checked, and he was given a tetanus booster shot and an antibiotic. And now we know he is (mild-moderately) allergic to penicillin.

3. Anniversary Day! July 2nd: Romantic morning trip to primary care physician to confirm the above allergy. Later on, movie/dinner date. We saw Snow White and the Huntsman, and it was pretty enjoyable. Then we went to Applebee's, where I was annoyed at how non-vegetarian their menu is. They were nice, though, and let me sub a veggie burger into an interesting chicken dish.

4. July 3rd: Historic anniversary trip to Valley Forge. We like going to historic places. We spent half of our honeymoon last year in Gettysburg. So this year we took a day-trip to Valley Forge and learned some interesting facts about the experience of the Continental Army during the summer of 1777-78. If I correctly remember what the ranger said, the only other revolutionary encampment that was made into a national historic park is Morristown, NJ.

5. The nice thing about our anniversary being July 2nd is that we get fireworks close to it. Last year, on our honeymoon, we went to an outdoor concert which ended with fireworks (and included the 1812 Overture!). This year we were able to see a local fireworks show from where we live.

6. We were really glad to hear that Fulton Sheen was declared Venerable. Yay!!

7. We saved two cupcakes from our wedding in our freezer all year and ate them for our anniversary. They were a bit stale, so maybe we didn't seal them well enough. My husband's family saved a bunch that we sent them home with, and those survived very well. So it can be done.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Sorry to hear about the dog biting your husband. :( The rest of the trip sounds so wonderful though!